2010 Class

During the 2010 year of the program, the class traveled to Managua, Boaco, and Juigalpa, and spent time with elders in a Juigalpa elder home (hogar), leading activities that included a fiesta for the residents. Some students attended a wedding between two residents at the Jinotepe hogar. All attended a presentation and discussion on elders and the service-learning program and some presented short vignettes about their experiences working with elders in Nicaragua at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Managua (UNAM).

Different teams were formed to focus on individual projects while traveling in Nicaragua. A construction team built a home for an older woman living in substandard housing outside of Boaco (pictured below), using an innovative, environmentally-friendly technique through which plastic bottles are secured into a metal frame using poultry wire. Cement was then plastered onto the surface to complete the walls, thanks to the assistance of a local contractor and his crew, as well as numerous children from the community.

A health clinic team held four clinics in Boaco and Juigalpa during which the team recorded patient data to facilitate better health care outcomes in later visits from the elders. Many of the elders had no medical history documents. The students collected epidemiological data for clinic statistics and began to inventory and organize the Juigalpa hogar’s pharmacy.

A health education team  demonstrated proper exercise and nutrition at the Social Security club in Managua, led age-simulation exercises and care giving discussions among students in local schools, and began conversations with local youth leaders to explore elder-focused service-learning opportunities for local soccer and baseball teams.

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